Lady Gaga May Have Been Targeted for Ransom in Dog Kidnapping

Lady Gaga might have been specifically targeted.

The 34-year-old “Rain on Me” singer might have been singled out by criminals who shot her dog walker and stole two of her French Bulldogs, law enforcement told TMZ.

“We’re told the LAPD is seriously looking at the possibility the shooter/thieves knew the dogs were owned by Gaga, and the video obtained by TMZ more than supports that theory,” the outlet reported.

“If you look closely, the car that comes upon dog walker Ryan Fischer clearly was headed for him. The car stops and two people immediately jump out and attack the dog walker. There’s no way they would have instantly known these dogs were a valuable breed…they’re small and it was dark outside. The dogs could have easily been rescues, mixed breeds, a less valuable breed…fact is, these criminals knew.”

Law enforcement also told the outlet that numerous people in the area were aware that Ryan was walking Gaga‘s dogs.

Sources have also told TMZ that no one has been in touch with the $500,000 ransom that Gaga is offering yet. The dogs are also reportedly not chipped.

Here is what fellow stars are saying about the horrible shooting and abduction.

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