Kim Kardashian shares diet tips during lockdown, and Jameela Jamil isn’t here for it

Kim Kardashian has shared what people should “eat to slim down in a short time” – and Jameela Jamil had the best response. 

Jameela Jamil and the Kardashians have never really got on, if we’re honest. Jamil – who is as a famous for I Weigh, her body positivity campaign on social media, as she is her role as Tahani in The Good Place – has made it her business to call the KUWTK stars out for advertising appetite suppressants and weight loss products on their own Instagram accounts.

They, in turn, have insisted that Jamil is living in a “negative energy space” and is a “silly person”.

And so, when Kim Kardashian decided to use her feed to peddle diet tips during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was only a matter of time before the post caught Jamil’s attention.

Rather than tear Kardashian down for her tone-deaf post, though, Jamil decided to focus her attention on something far more important: building up the self-esteem and self-worth of her own followers.

“Please don’t try to slim down in a short amount of time,” she tweeted. “Take it from a former anorexic, it doesn’t last,makes it harder to stabilise your weight, and can trigger long term unhealthy eating patterns/fixation. 

“IF you’re changing your body, please do it slowly, with experts.”

Continuing her thread, Jamil added: “I was sent this picture [of Kardashian’s post] by hundreds of girls who were triggered by it. I truly think what she does with prison reform is so excellent, but I wish celebs wouldn’t flog quick-fix weight loss methods to vulnerable people.

“Many are struggling with body image in this time of stress and lockdown. I wish celebrities wouldn’t perpetuate obsession with thinness.” 

Jamil finished by saying: “If you’re struggling with your weight and image in a moment of new foods, less exercise, and general loss of control, just try to breathe and know it is only your responsibility to stay safe and protect others, not to be thin.

“This time will pass. Avoid scales. Focus on survival. And PLEASE know celebs/influencers have SO much help to look how they do. Comparing yourself to them isn’t fair game. 

“Focus on mental health, not speedy thinness. Give yourself a break.”

It’s worth noting that Jamil previously stated she’d much rather see the Kardashians lifted up for their incredible accomplishments rather than for how they look or how much they weigh.

“A year ago, I saw a picture of all of the Kardashians… with numbers of their weight written across them rather than how much money [they make], how [much they are] worth and [how they] have built up this empire,” she explained.

“And those are the only kind of numbers we ever see on men – we see how much money they are worth, or what kind of jobs [they have], or how many awards they’ve won.”

Jamil added that she is sick and tired of misogynist media outlets thinking this is “the most important information we think there is about women” and that women should, instead, be praised for things like “financial independence [and] activism.”

Despite this, though, she’s made it abundantly clear that – while she admires the Kardashians for their many accomplishments – she will call them out on their bullshit when she needs to. Especially if this bullshit entails them peddling unhealthy diet advice during a global health pandemic.


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