Joe Exotic is in COVID-19 Isolation, Fourth Husband Reveals

We hope that this isn’t a spoiler for anyone, but Tiger King star Joe Exotic is in prison. 

His fourth husband reveals that they can no longer speak regularly, because Joe 

24-year-old Dillon Passage spoke to Andy Cohen in a Radio Andy interview.

“We speak three to five times every day,” Dillon says of his incarcerated and now famous husband, 57-year-old Joe Exotic.

“But,” Dillon shares, “since he has been moved to this new facility, they are putting him on, like, COVID-19 isolation.”

Dillon explains that this is “because of the previous jail he was at, there were cases, and so I have yet to speak to him since he has been moved.”

Joe Exotic, born Joseph Allen Schreibvogel, is currently serving a 22-year sentence in federal prison.

In 2019, he was convicted on 17 charges of animal abuse — 9 violations of the Endangered Species Act and 8 violations of the Lacey Act.

He was also convicted on two counts of Murder For Hire over the plot to kill his rival, Carole Baskin.

Though Dillon clearly misses their daily chats, he still has a lot of positive things to say about his husband.

Dillon and Joe first met via the dating app, Grindr, where they struck up a conversation and decided to meet.

Andy shaded Joe a little, accurately describing Dillon as a “young, very handsome guy” and Joe as “older with a specific look.”

“Me and my cousin went down to Safari Bar, which was a restaurant bar he had about a half a mile away from the zoo,” Dillon describes.

“And he sang to me,” he explains of the much older man’s allure. “He did karaoke that night.”

“He was just super sweet to me and came off very genuine and a good down-to-earth guy,” Dillon continues.

He also admits: “He’s very charismatic.”

Dillon does confess that they “jumped the gun” by getting married only two weeks after meeting.

But he says that he is “not ashamed of it” … especially since they were then separated by prison bars only “seven or eight months” later.

“I do love Joe,” Dillon affirms at Andy’s prompting.

“He was there for me at my darkest times,” he notes.

“And,” Dillon continues, “I’m not just gonna dip out and abandon him when he needs me the most.”

In fact, he seems to credit Joe for helping to turn his life around when he was 22.

“I was in a really bad place when I met Joe,” Dillon characterizes.

“I was just going through a lot of things,” he explains. “I was an addict. Being around the animals gave me a purpose.”

“It felt like I was actually doing something with my life,” Dillon reasons.

“It brought me out of my depression,” he adds. “It was like my own little rehab.”

“Joe never once encouraged me to do any drugs,” Dillon affirms.

“I mean, I smoked a lot of weed,” he adds. “But that’s literally it.”

Tiger King is a truly mind-blowing documentary filled with big personalities, bizarre cults, and a great illustration that we need stricter animal protection laws.

But to Dillon, Joe is just his husband.

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