Jason Aldean Drops New Single ‘Got What I Got’

Jason Aldean has dropped “Got What I Got,” the second single from his chart-topping album, 9.

The R&B-inspired love song, written by Thomas Archer, Alex Palmer and Michael Tyler, is in part a conversation between a man trying to calm his partner’s anxieties and reaffirming that he is more than content to settle in next to her and the woman who feels she’s unworthy

The song was announced as a new radio single a day after Aldean celebrated his anniversary with wife Brittany Aldean. The country superstar said the track is one of Brittany’s favorites.

“When I got what I got, I don’t miss what I had/The old me before you belongs to the past/In the back of your mind, you might think there’s somethin’ more I want/But when I got what I got, girl, I don’t,” Aldean sings in the chorus.

“When I first heard ‘Got What I Got’ it reminded me of something Boyz II Men would do, almost like a 90’s R&B throwback song,” Aldean said.

“It’s just not something you really hear in Country music that much,” he added. “Plus, now more than ever, I think we’re all just being reminded how to appreciate the people we love.”

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