Get to Know ‘The Chase’ Singer Alextbh With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

alextbh is one of the rising stars we’re so excited about at Just Jared – and we want to give our readers a chance to know him even better!

The Malaysian artist and producer just dropped his debut EP called The Chase on Friday (July 17), including his previously released singles “Moments” and “Between.” The EP’s title track is his latest single.

“I usually write songs that come from a place of hardship and pain. But for ‘The Chase,’ I felt empty. There was this void in me I was trying to understand after spending a good amount of time in casual relationships and finding myself shutting out guys who were well-intentioned though I couldn’t bring myself to explore something deeper with them,” he explains.

The Kuala Lumpur native is also openly queer within a conservative Malaysian society, where the government has condemned the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Those relationships, in their totality, were ‘the chase’ – it starts and ends there. The music video is meant to portray the moments after a casual hookup – melancholy scenes of the outside world juxtaposed with flashbacks of the experience veiled in feelings of disgust, like ‘why did I do that?’ A lot of queer people go through this persistent detachment in relationships. It could be the result of the lack of emotional affection we’ve received that leads to this mess. I don’t want to think about a 5-year relationship, but deep down that is probably what I want. And if I keep leaving this ugly trail, I don’t think that idea will ever be attainable. Only time will tell.”

Listen to The Chase EP and get to know alextbh better with these 10 Fun Facts

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