Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland Has a New Project While in Prison

Billy McFarland, the guy behind the failed music festival Fyre Fest, is working on a new project while in prison.

The 28-year-old is crowd-funding money so that people in prison are able to call their loved ones during the current health crisis.

“Coronavirus is driving families apart . . . and visits are canceled across every federal prison,” McFarland told the New York Post. “I’m launching an initiative called Project-315 to bring together and connect in-need inmates and their families who are affected by coronavirus. We’re going to pay for calls for as many incarcerated people across the country as possible.”

Billy says that he has become a new person while in prison. He was sentenced to six years in prison back in October 2018 for his role in the Fyre Festival.

“I see the important things in life… way more,” Billy said. “I got lost during Fyre — thinking that I had to make it work at all costs. I realize how immature and wrong that thought process was. I’ve grown up in jail. There’s no question I totally messed up. It really makes me sick.”

Donations are being collection on Project-315.com.

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