Dove Cameron Claps Back at Skinny-Shaming Fans: I Am NOT Unhealthy!

Beloved actress Dove Cameron is no stranger to clapping back at trolls who comment on her photos.

But this time, the replies are striking a worried tone about her health after her super-skinny selfies.

Dove Cameron has been keeping fans reasonable updated on her life in lockdown.

The treasured The Descendants actress recently shared some snaps from a road trip.

She didn’t give many details of her drive (for obvious safety reasons), but she shared bits and pieces.

Given the obvious warm weather of summer in our increasingly miserable climate, she wasn’t exactly overdressed.

Dove has no issues showing off her body within Instagram’s confines.

In the past, she has shot down trolls who told her that she should do otherwise.

But when Dove opted to share a stunningly slender mirror selfie, some fans couldn’t resist commenting.

Here, she appears in a string bikini, standing in profile with regard to the mirror.

Crossing her arms, she snaps a pick showing off her gorgeous — and strikingly skinny — silhouette.

“Geez she’s soo skinny,” remarks one troll.

The comment continues: “Ngl, it looks great on the one hand but fricking unhealthy on the other.”

Dove replied to the comment: “I am not unhealthy, thank you.”

“Dove, you look so skinny,” comments another, demanding that the actress “go eat some food.”

She snapped back: “Outta here with that energy.”

Some people cannot leave each other alone.

Though what they were doing is both body-shaming and concern-trolling, their worries weren’t manufactured on the spot.

We all know that disordered eating runs rampant through the world and particularly among young women in the entertainment industry.

And in 2018, Dove spoke frankly about her recovery from anorexia.

We are not medical professionals. To our eyes, Dove looks like a slender actress in her early 20s and that’s that.

More to the point, it should be up to Dove, her loved ones, and medical professionals to “diagnose” her if it comes to that.

There are moments when the alarm and pressure from fans is needed. Suspicion of disordered eating is rarely one of those times.

And, of course, even if we could say with absolute certainty that Dove were alarmingly skinny (instead of clearly posing to look thin while taking a selfie), this isn’t how you go about it.

You would never, ever say “you look hot, but is it healthy?”

While disordered eating is about control, not looking “hot,” reinforcement and praise for weight loss can contribute in a real and harmful way. That comment was clownish.

“Wear a mask, do your squats , write your feelings , wear a mask , drink twice as much water as coffee,” Dove recently advised her fans and followers.

Her post continued: “Take care of your plants , cry in public (6 ft away), WEAR SUNSCREEN.”

“But above all , and i can’t stress this enough, wear a f–king mask,” Dove wrote, “because it really is. that easy.”

We are glad that she is being safe and healthy during this pandemic, and we hope that this safety and health continue to follow her in all aspects of her life.

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