Ben Shephard: GMB hosts agony in recovery update after surgery left him hospitalised

Ben Shephard provides health update after ACL surgery

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Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard has updated his fans on his health following his surgery on his leg which he admitted was going to be a “long and slow recovery”. The ITV host had to have an operation after he badly severed the nerves during a football game.

The 46-year-old underwent ACL reconstruction surgery on his right leg and was forced to have an operation over a week ago.

The broadcaster gave an update of his progress from his home where he could be seen with his leg attached to a machine.

Speaking to the camera, he gestured to a Physiolab machine around his knee, with his leg propped up on a table covered in a support.

In view of his 474,000 followers, Ben began: “Hello everybody. Just wanted to give an update on how I’m getting on with my physio.

“Thank you for all of the lovely messages you’ve sent wishing me well on the recovery and how it’s going.

“I think so far so good would be the best assessment.”

He continued: “I spend most of my days attached to this machine here,” as he panned the camera to the Physiolab machine.

Ben added: “It pumps freezing cold water via this tube into the cuff around my knee and reduces the swelling.”


A regular participant in Soccer Aid, Ben injured his leg when he was playing football several months ago, and medical professionals decided the operation was necessary to rehabilitate his knee.

Ben explained: “It’s agony at times, as anyone who has been through this will know, but a necessary evil. We’re taking this slowly.”

Reaching out to his fans, he said: “There’s lots of you going through similar or waiting for ops, and some great advice from those who’ve been through ACL surgery too. Thank you for every single one.”

Ben went on to explain that he will be back on Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid on Monday after several weeks off work.


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In a lengthy Instagram caption, he penned: “If you didn’t know I essentially b**gered up my right knee playing football- (that’s the technical term) a few months ago. I’m about 11/12 days post-op now.

“I can’t thank you all enough for the messages you’ve sent, asking how I am and wishing me well. I’m sorry I can’t respond to them all, but I do try and read as many as possible.

“There’s lots of you going through similar, or waiting for ops, and some great advice from those who’ve been through ACL surgery too. Thank you for every single one!”

He added: “Physio has begun with @symmetryperformance Mo, my Physio, got me through about 5 @socceraid matches over the years, so he knows how broken I am everywhere, he’s certainly got his work cut out!

“Anyway I’ll keep you updated as I go back to @gmb with @susannareid100 on Monday.

“Hopefully you’ll be waking up with us – I just need to remember to set my alarm clock.”

The news comes after Ben shared that he was hospitalised after undergoing surgery for his knee over a week ago.

The GMB host told fans of his impending operation from his hospital bed.

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