Ben Affleck Races Motorcycle to J Lo's L.A. House

Ben Affleck was a man on a mission Friday, as he beelined it for his girlfriend’s house.

Ben was wrapped up tight in a helmet and leather jacket as he steered his trusty chopper due East to Lopez‘s L.A. home. As you know by now, Ben and Jen have been inseparable since hooking up after she ended her engagement to A-Rod.

Jen’s even looking at schools in L.A. for her kids … a possible sign she and Ben may take the next step.

TMZ broke the story … J Lo’s home has been a source of angst for the last 6 months. Someone’s been incessantly calling 911 with bogus noise complaints against J Lo, and the LAPD is sick of the hoaxes and is trying to get to the bottom of it.

It seems politically motivated since the calls started just after J Lo’s appearance during the inauguration. We have a theory … remember, during her song, J Lo screamed, “Let’s get loud!!!” It seems like a good working theory … that’s how the fake noise complaints were hatched.

In any event, seems B.A. and J Lo are on a fast track to something.

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