Ari Lennox Flirts With 21 Savage as He Belts Out RnB classics on Instagram Live

The ‘Shea Butter Baby’ songstress even attempted to shoot her shot at the ‘Bank Account’ spitter in the comment section of his livestreaming featuring him doing solo karaoke time.

AceShowbiz -Coronavirus appeared to drive 21 Savage bored as he recently had a solo karaoke party. He sang along to some classic R&B hits on Instagram Live. During the Sunday, April 5 livestream, the Atlanta rapper showed off his take on songs from artists like Beyonce Knowles, Usher and Aaliyah among others.

He first sang “Me Myself and I” by Beyonce before belting out Destiny’s Child‘s “Cater 2 U”. He also performed his emotional rendition of Usher’s “Burn”. During his at-home concert, he also sang along to “Come Over” by Aaliyah, “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy, “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill feat. D’Angelo and “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)” by Jhene Aiko.

The livestreaming was not only entertaining for himself but also the viewers. “21 savage singing ‘Me Myself and I’ is the highlight of my day,” one Twitter user wrote. Apparently, Ari Lennox was among the viewers.

The “Shea Butter Baby” songstress even attempted to shoot her shot at the “Bank Account” spitter in the comment section. “Oh you are fine as hell,” so Ari wrote.

Fans were having mixed reactions to this. Some were supportive and echoing Ari’s sentiment as one said, “Sis ain’t lying tho.” Another fan added, “She is a whole mood.” One person even thought that Ari and 21 would make a “cute” couple together.

Some others begged to differ. “Where she see fine as hell at?” one questioned. Meanwhile, one user shaded Ari for praising 21 after turning down Lakeith Stanfield, “How she turn down the other guy for a damn date but say 21 look good tf.”

For those who need a refresher, the actor asked the R&B singer out on a date during her recent Instagram Live session. “I was in the theaters by myself, in a hoodie just looking pitiful. No date- nothing!” she shared about the time she watched Lakeith’s movie in theater. Lakeith replied to Ari’s praise, “Thank you love,” before surprising her with his next line. “Can you be my date? Let’s go,” he asked her.

Ari was clearly not ready for it as she freaked out. “Lakeith, I don’t have time for this right now, ’cause I- wait. You’re joking. I don’t have- no,” she responded.

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