Louis Vuitton’s New Fragrance Bears Alex Israel's L.A. Sunset Aesthetic

Alex Israel, in Malibu, on the set of his film SPF-18, with the actors Bianca Santos and Noah Centineo, May 2015.

Photographer: Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Louis Vuitton’s history of artist collaborations goes back 20 years, ever since then-artistic director Marc Jacobs called on Stephen Sprouse to transform the house’s monogrammed logo with his neon handwriting. The collaborations are often rooted in contrast, setting pop-oriented aesthetics against the traditional look of their chocolate brown leather goods—think Takashi Murakami’s cartoonish cherry blossoms, or Yayoi Kusama’s pulsating circles. 

Now, for the first time, that collaborative spirit has been extended into the realm of fragrance. For California Dream, a new sunset-inspired perfume, multimedia artist Alex Israel has applied his signature cotton candy color palette to a sleek bottle and carrying case. The L.A. native has long looked upward for inspiration in his “Sky Backdrops” series, splashing dreamy swaths of pink and blue clouds onto massive canvases, entire gallery walls, and even Rimowa suitcases in a nod to the Hollywood sound stages of the Technicolor era. 

Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud sought to transpose the emotions brought up by a California sunset into a fragrance, combining contrasting elements of warmth and coolness, freshness and softness that evoke the transitional. “A sunset is at once ephemeral and perpetual, a moment that’s unique and yet eternally renewed,” Belletrud said. “The same goes for perfume, which is at once elusive and always true.”  The result: a floral, citrusy concoction mellowed out with ambrette and benzoin, a resin with an aroma reminiscent of vanilla. 

California Dream joins the Les Colognes collection, a trio of summery scents with summery names: the earthy, tangy Cactus Garden; the bergamot-centric Afternoon Swim; and Sun Song, a soft, musky orange blossom. All four can be stashed in a leather carrying case emblazoned with one of Israel’s cresting waves, a motif that first appeared in his conceptual surf film SPF-18. Even in a summer like this one, it’s a reminder of optimism and endless capacity for renewal.

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Alo Yoga launches up to 40% off sale and here's what's included

WHAT do Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Kendal Jenner have in common?

All have been spotted wearing Alo Yoga items. And luckily, there's a massive sale happening right now.

An American yoga brand Alo Yoga is loved by yogis and celebrities alike – and for good reason: fashion and performance merge into beautiful pieces to give you both confidence and support.

And to the joy of the brand's fans, there's a great sale happening right now: up to 40 per cent off a wide range of styles.

  • Up to 40 per cent off Alo Yoga styles – buy here

The sale runs across both women and male sections, meaning you can pick up a new gift for your better half – a great way to get them into yoga with you, as well as get something new and exciting for yourself.

Look out for high-waisted and seamless leggings, bras, tops, sweatshirts and jackets. And there's also a great range of men's shorts on sale too, perfect for a summer jog.

Alo Yoga offers free 2-4 day shipping to the whole of the UK.

You can find more shipping information here, and check out our top choices below.

  • Field Crop Jacket, $96 (£78) – buy here
  • Equalize Leggings, $77 (£62) – buy here
  • Half Moon Bra, $41 (£33) – buy here
  • Trail Jacket, $89 (£72) – buy here

  • Stability 2-in-1 Paint, $94 (£76) – buy here
  • Triumph Hoodie, $74 (£60) – buy here
  • Plow Board Short, $62 (£50) – buy here

We've created a list of the best yoga and exercise mats you can get, if you want to elevate your practice to a more comfortable level.

Already have a mat? Here are the best yoga socks to guarantee no slipping so you can always keep your balance.

And for more product recommendations, check out our dedicated Sun Selects section.

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How do I relieve sunburn, how long does it take to go away and what is good to help it heal? – The Sun

EVER fallen asleep in the sun? Or just forgotten to reapply your sun cream after lunch? Don't worry, we've all been there.

As the sun continues to shine in the UK, we are here to help you. Here's exactly how long sun burns takes to heal, how long it usually takes to go away and some tips and tricks to ease your sunburn quickly.

How do I relieve sunburn fast?

You've just clocked that you've overdone it and are keen to combat your sunburn ASAP.

According to the NHS, there are a few things you can do to help relieve your symptoms immediately after getting burnt.

These include:

  • Cooling your skin by having a cold bath or shower, sponging it with cold water, or holding a cold flannel to it
  • Using lotions containing aloe vera to soothe and moisturise your skin
  • Drinking plenty of fluids to cool you down and prevent dehydration
  • Taking painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve pain (but don't give aspirin to children under 16)

How long does sunburn take to go away?

It may start to peel after a few days, but will usually fully heal within a week.

In severe cases, you may be treated with special cream and burn dressings.

These are available from your GP or a nurse at your GP surgery.

What can help sunburn to heal quickly?

Apple cider vinegar

It may sound counter-productive to put an acidic ingredient on burnt skin, but the experts at Health Line state that as long as it is diluted with water first, applying apple cider vinegar to burns can balance out the pH of your skin and has antibacterial properties.

Mix one part vinegar with two parts water, pop it in a spray bottle and spray your sunburn to instantly ease the pain.

Do not apply without diluting first.

Natural yoghurt

Medical professionals have known for years that yoghurt has a number of fantastic health benefits when consumed, but an old home remedy says that it is also great when applied to sunburn.

Apply plain natural yogurt to your burn and let it sit for about ten minutes.

The probiotics are said to help to restore the skin from the outside in and the cooling effect will ease the pain.

Talcum powder

Sleeping with sunburn can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, so think like a baby and reach for the talcum powder.

Similar to dealing with nappy rash, just sprinkle a little of the powder on your sheets to help reduce the friction between your raw skin and the bed sheets.

Snooze to your heart's content.

Porridge oats

There are many ways that Mr Quaker and his oats can help soothe and heal your sunburn, including having a bath together – cheeky.

Lovisa Nilsson, in-house nutritionist at fitness and health app, Lifesum, has said that ‘Oatmeal has the ability to soothe severe sunburn’.

Cook porridge oats the normal way, let it cool and apply to the affected areas.

Let it sit for a while and then dab off with a damp cloth.

Alternatively you can add a blended cup of oats to a warm bath sit back and relax.

Raw honey

Honey is one of nature's best antiseptics and according to Women's Health is also very hydrating and soothing – it's the triple threat for sunburn.

Apply a dollop of honey to your skin and cover with some gauze or muslin type cloth to stop the dripping while still allowing skin to breathe.

Sit with the honey on for a few minutes and gently wipe off with a damp cloth.

Make sure you use all natural or raw honey, processed sugars in generic honey won't help your skin.

Aloe Vera

And old and trusted favourite, aloe vera is one of the main ingredients in most aftersuns due to its soothing properties.

So slather yourself in some aloe-based aftersun or get your hand on a purer form.

You can buy aloe gel which contains a higher concentrate of the plant.

Take it one step further and do as dermatologist Dr. David E. Bank suggested to Cosmopolitan.

Put the gel in ice cube trays, let it freeze then make a cold compress with the aloe cubes.

Don't apply anything frozen directly to your sunburn as it could tear the delicate skin.

Cool milk compress

Much like yoghurt, milk has plenty of probiotics that encourage skin healing.

Give another widely know home remedy a go and dip some cloth or kitchen roll into cold milk.

Ring it out so it's just damp and dab the affected area with it.


Mint is refreshing, not only to drink but apparently also for your skin.

But before you consider pouring your mojito down yourself at the pub, order yourself a mint or mint and green tea cuppa.

Natural remedies site Every Day Roots suggests using mint and green tea to cool the pain of sunburn. Make a cuppa, let it cool, then dab the burn with soaked cotton wool or the saturated tea bag for an instantly cooling sensation without the loss of a cocktail.

Avoid soap

The American Skin Association recommends using a non-soap skin cleanser on dry irritated skin, like the kind you get from sunburn.

They state that harsh soaps can remove the oils from the surface of the skin drying it out further.

Try shopping around for body cleansers that promise less chemicals and will be extra moisturising for skin.


The image of someone relaxing with a face mask and two slices of cucumber covering their eyes may bring back memories of 90s chick flicks, but trust us, they were on to something.

Cucumber is antioxidant-rich and its analgesic properties help promote healing and provide further relief from future discomfort.

Adapt a spa favourite and either cut and lay slices on the affected area or blend to make a paste and apply.

You can add some aloe vera gel to make it a bit thicker too.

Check out our top tips for staying cool in the summer sun or maybe get yourself a bargain inflatable pool and pretend you're somewhere exotic.

Just remember the SPF.

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Peta Todd on making birthday celebrations a happy time during lockdown – The Sun

IF lockdown has taught me one thing it is that little things can actually turn into big things. Mind you, that can be both good and bad.

The slightest little quarrel or ill-timed comment can turn a perfectly happy day into World War 500.

I would say World War Three, but we have been in lockdown for ten weeks, so let’s stop pretending there’ve not been a few cross words uttered in our houses.

I have noticed that with a lot of days blurring into one it doesn’t take a lot now to have a big impact and create a ripple of excitement.

As a family, we have had three birthdays during lockdown. Delilah turned eight, Casper turned the corner to the terrible twos and Mark turned . . .  another year wiser.

And we’ve had to be a little more resourceful than usual to try to give the little ones that special-day feeling when they are away from relatives and friends, birthday parties have been cancelled and it’s limited as to what we can get our paws on.

Not being able just to pop out for supplies means planning is important and things like wrapping need to be done much more covertly – keeping any surprises is decidedly tougher when you are trapped on top of one another.


But despite assuming they might feel more lacklustre than usual, our lockdown celebrations have been some of our favourite ones, with the exception of not seeing friends and family, obviously.

We’ve had a piñata in the garden, gone on family bike rides and made pizza.

We even managed to see the local ice cream van. I can tell you that a 99 never looked so good.

The birthday cards we received had more drawings in and decorations were put up as part of a secret late-night club the evening before, with all little hands on deck for bunting and balloons.

The fact it was cake for breakfast seemed more exciting than usual and even meant home-schooling could wait for a day. (I think that was the real winner for a happy abode.)

Nobody was rushing anywhere, we weren’t on a deadline or even coercing our kids into clean, smart clothes for a celebration meal. It was just us together.

We had friends drop presents over the gate with a banner on the car.

And that two-minute “hello” and a wave saw us all smiling from ear to ear in a way that no other party could.

So yes, a celebration shut indoors may not sound like it’s going to be high in the fun stakes, but sometimes less is more.

Make the decorations, bake the cake and, if in doubt, add more sprinkles.

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You’re Just 14 Minutes Away From More Sculpted Arms

Time: 14 to 24 minutes

Equipment: 8- to 10-pound dumbbell

Good for: Arms, upper body

Instructions: Starting with the first move, complete as many reps as possible for 40 seconds while maintaining proper form. Then rest for 20 seconds as you prepare for the next exercise. Repeat this pattern through all four moves, then rest for one minute. Complete three to five rounds total.

Bree Branker, NASM-certified trainer, created this exclusive workout to help tone your arms.


How to: Kneel on the ground, with your knees slightly wider than hip-distance apart. Hold a dumbbell in both hands, so that it’s directly in front of your chest, with your elbows resting on either side of your chest. Keeping both elbows bent, slowly circle the dumbbell around your head to your right. That’s one rep. Complete as many reps as possible in 40 seconds, switching directions halfway through. Then rest for 20 seconds. Continue to the next move.

Rainbow Slam

How to: Kneel on the ground, with your knees slightly wider than hip-distance apart. Hold a dumbbell in both hands, rotate your upper body slightly, and extend your arms so you’re holding it towards the right side of your body. Forcefully, but with control, swing the dumbbell over your head in an arch or rainbow shape, until you reach the same position on the opposite side of your body. Alternate directions, and swing the dumbbell back to the other side. That’s one rep. Complete as many reps as possible in 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Continue to the next move.

Oblique Curl To Press

How to: Begin in a half-kneeling position, your left foot flat on the floor in front of you, your right hand holding a dumbbell at the side of your body. Bend slightly to the side, and lower your dumbbell a couple inches toward the ground. Using your obliques, return to your original position. Then, bend your elbow and curl the dumbbell towards your chest, with your palm facing inward. Keeping your core tight and chest tall, press the dumbbell directly overhead. Reverse to return to start.Complete as many reps as possible in 40 seconds, switching directions halfway through. Then rest for 20 seconds. Continue to the next move.

Chest Press To Triceps Extension

How to: Kneel on the ground, with your knees slightly wider than hip-distance apart. Hold a dumbbell in both hands, and extend your arms straight out in front of you. Bend your elbows, and bring the dumbbell toward your chest. Reverse the movement and return to start. Then, raise the dumbbell overhead, then bend your arms so the dumbbell falls behind your head. Reverse the movement and return to start. Complete as many reps as possible in 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Take one minute of rest. Complete three to four rounds total.

But wait, there’s (lots) more! This is just one of the four workouts in Women’s Health’s 4-Week Summer Workout Challenge. Each week, you’ll tackle four different workouts: lower-body, upper-body, full-body, and abs. Join our Facebook group for daily motivation, progress checks, and more!

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Why Kate Middleton takes firm stance on royal protocol about wearing tights

Tights are considered part of the unofficial royal uniform for women. While these days women generally go barelegged – weather permitting – royal women still follow more old fashioned etiquette rules when it comes to their hosiery.


  • Kate Middleton did this to ‘prove herself’ to the Royal Family

While it is not strictly mandated that women wear tights, most royals take their cues from the Queen, who always has.

While the Queen always wears nude tights, Kate takes a more modern approach with black tights occasionally.

However, the Duchess if rarely seen with no tights whatsoever.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Insider you “never see a royal without their nude stockings.”

She added the tights are “really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the Queen requires”.

It is claimed Kate and Meghan clashed over whether Charlotte should wear tights to the latter’s wedding.

Charlotte is often seen wearing tights, however, the little girls has gown out sans tights on multiple occasions.

In the summer Charlotte has worn dresses with bare legs, wearing white ankle socks.

Kate Middleton wears £550 new dress with an incredible message [VIDEO] 
Royal fans stunned at Kate Middleton’s surprising new lockdown look [SHOCK] 
Kate Middleton shows off her ‘Mum in lockdown’ style [PICTURES] 

It is not sure if tights are mandated for bridesmaids at royal weddings.

However, Charlotte did wear white tights for Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

While it might seem old-fashioned for some – royal fashion rules are important to the family.

However, that doesn’t mean Kate Middleton and other royals haven’t broken the rules recently.


  • Holly Willoughby follows Kate Middleton’s style in This Morning outfit

For example, boys as young and Prince George, six, would never have worn trousers in the past.

However, the boy has work them, including in official portraits.

In fact, expert William Hanson told Harper’s Bazaar: “A pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class — quite suburban.

“And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban.”

However, one famous rule Kate hasn’t broken is one about nail polish.

According to reports, a nude nail is essential.

The Queen has worn Essie shade Ballet Slippers since 1989.

Fans have noticed Kate Middleton wears three rings on her wedding finger. Why? 

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The Cutest Celebrity Swimwear Moments to See and Shop So Far

Madelaine Petsch’s Lovewave Bikini

These days, the celebrity style we follow is pretty limited to outdoor poolside ‘grams and TikTok, but we’re really not complaining. We love seeing everyone’s stay home style. Especially as we gradually welcome summer with open arms, we’re all in need of some bikinigrams to inspire cute indoor/outdoor looks, most of which involve a swimsuit when the temperature soars. We’re already loving the 2020 trends we’re seeing, like oversize bowling shirts thrown over little string two-pieces, vintage logo suits, and colorblock off-the-shoulder silhouettes (yeah, we’re looking up at you over there, Madelaine Petsch!).

Like us, you may catch a peek at someone’s maillot in a quick video and get all excited at first, when, much to your dismay, you eventually realize you can’t ID it. But we’re here to bring you the 2020 swimwear we have tracked down, so you can update your swim drawer if you’re in the market, or just learn a little bit more about your fave celebs and where they like to shop. Scroll down to check out our favorite moments so far, from Kylie Jenner’s neon ribbed set to Dua Lipa’s rhinestone colorblock disco suit, and shop while you try to choose a favorite.

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Impulse launches new shimmer fragrance range and they're a £8 dupe of Fenty Iconic

IMPULSE has launched their first ever Shimmer fragrance range and they're perfect for summer.

The shimmery body sprays are also a great dupe to get the look of Rhianna's Fenty Iconic Body Lava this summer.

The shimmer fragrances are perfect for the warmer months, and can be used to accentuate make up or add a gorgeous gleam to bare skin.

  • Impulse Shimmer Fragrance, £8, from Boots – buy here

Available now at Boots.com, they'll be available from Boots stores and Superdrug from July.

The collection includes four signature scents, each with their own shimmer shade for every complexion.

Made with light-reflecting particles and coconut oil, the shimmer fragrances look to refresh and re-hydrate your skin whilst also leaving a soft, luminous glow.

The Impulse Shimmer Fragrances are available in four scents – Lunar, Solar, Quartz and Prism.

Whats more they're a great alternative to Fenty Beauty's Body Lava Body Luminizer, which would normally set you back £46.

Impulse's Solar shade will give you a similar look to Fenty's Trophy Wife shade, but will only cost you £8.

Using as a body highlighter, you can use Solar to catch the light and give you a holiday glow across your collarbones, shins, and wherever else you want to draw attention.

What Impulse Shimmer Fragrance shades are there?

  • Solar –  Gold, intense and impactful, Solar will give you a shimmer that’s far from subtle. The Fragrance also boasts a scent that screams summer – fruity top notes of bergamot and red berries lift the floral base of rose, peonies and freesia to create a mesmerising medley.
  • Prism – The peachy tone of the pigments combines with the scent to create an illuminating and enticing fragrance. An oriental edge of ylang ylang and apple complements the intensity of cocoa to leave a lingering, full bodied scent.
  • Quartz –  Easy, breezy, yet unforgettable – Quartz pairs a shimmering pale pink elixir with a light, airy fragrance which blends into an undeniable glow. The fragrance notes of seabreeze, bergamot and orange flower weave into the light fresh scent of cherry blossom to make a mist that is not only multi-faceted but head turning.
  • Luna –  The blue pigments reflect to give an ice-cold but gorgeous gleam. The fruity cocktail of fragrance adds to its impact, as notes of peach, fig and freesia combine to make a must-have shimmer mist.

Looking for more beauty news, check out Fabulous.

Tan Luxe launches Super Body Glow fake tan – the world’s first hyaluronic tanning serum.

Lookfantastic launches REN Beauty Box today – and it looks amazing.

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Mum buys a vending machine, fills it with snacks & says it’s the best way to get kids doing their pocket money chores

A MUM who bought a full-sized vending machine and filled it with unhealthy snacks claims it’s the best way to motivate her kids to do their chores for pocket money. 

Sarah Balsdon, 29, forked out £100 for the second-hand machine, and says it’s been a great way to incentivise her four kids to complete their school work and help out around the house during lockdown. 

Sarah, from Northumberland, came up with the idea after her children, Shannon, nine, Lucy, eight, Jack, five and Elijah, two, refused to pitch in.

Now Sarah, a nurse, gives them pocket money each day when they’ve done their homework or chores, and they can save up and use the cash to buy their own snacks. 

She said: "During lockdown, the kids have been wanting sweet stuff all the time and they have been refusing to help around the house. 

“The healthy snacks are all free but this way they will have to do jobs and school work to earn money to buy sweets from the vending machine.

"I was sick of the arguments about unhealthy snacks so hopefully this will encourage them to work for them.

"It has encouraged them to start doing chores, but I don’t know how long it will continue!”

Sarah explained she was at her wit’s end juggling the kids and work in the lockdown, saying: "With the kids being off school, it has been really difficult with child care. 

“I've been at work the whole time and my husband was furloughed for six weeks but now he's back at work. 

“The girls have gone back to school for child care".

The kids can tidy their bedrooms, unload the dishwasher, clean and even leave old milk bottles out for the milkman to earn money. 

The mum added: “At first, they thought it was really mean but now they love it.”

The machine is filled with the kids’ favourite crisps, chocolate and sweets, as well as Sarah, and her husband, 29-year-old Kyle’s, top choices. 

She added: “They’ve made me put mine and my husband’s stuff in there as well!”

Meanwhile this woman shared the ‘right’ way to close a crisp packet and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Meanwhile this woman was in stitches after realising she’s been watering a WEED for months & it even has its own pot.

Plus a dad reveals the genius £1.50 gadget that helps fill your paddling pool without needing buckets of warm water.

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Mum transforms her cracked and battered old chairs with £5 covers from eBay – The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she transformed her cracked, old chairs by simply buying six attractive covers for £5.59 each from eBay.

She was so delighted with the results and having saved so much money that she shared incredible photos on Facebook.

Taking to the group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “My chairs had all cracked & thought I would have to buy new ones as some were really bad.

“I was told about these covers so thought I would give them a go I paid £33.58 for eBay for 6 covers love them (excuse the mess busy decorating).”

She uploaded before and after shots of her dining room chairs, and many Facebook users were stunned with the results.

The post racked up hundreds of comments and over 2,400 likes.

One said: “They look amazing. What a fab upcycle.”

Another added: “Ive done this with mine for a few years now its amazing something so simple can have a massive change.”

And one raved: “I like the covers more than the original- great idea.”

It’s not the first deal to impress bargain hunters in the Facebook group.

A woman recently explained she'd managed to bag a £77 radiator cover for just £4 from B&Q – and it looks just like a style loved by cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.

In other shopping news, we told you Yankee Candle has launched a Halloween collection including Trick or Treat and Haunted Hayride scents.

We also revealed Matalan is selling matching Halloween Peppa Pig PJs for the entire family.

And we showed you Primark has launched matching BFF Rachel Green and Monica Geller PJs for Friends’ 25th anniversary.

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