You’ve been spreading your butter all wrong, this is the correct way to do it

You’ve been spreading your butter all wrong, this is the correct way to do it

WHO DOESN'T love proper butter on a fresh piece of toast?

While the fake stuff may spread easily if you do keep real butter in the fridge when you go to spread it, it can feel like drawing blood from a stone.

While you may find stabbing at it with a knife for a few minutes may do the trick, by the time you've actually got a knob of butter on your knife, your toast has already gone cold and the butter just will not spread properly.

You may as well give up and reach for the Nutella at that point.

But luckily, one TikTok user has revealed a very simple solution to slicing your butter, and you definitely already have the utensil in your kitchen drawer.

Pierre, a chef based in London, shared the video to his TikTok account, pierre.le.chef, where it has been viewed over one million times.

Pierre wrote: "I bet you didn't know this hack."

Pierre takes his butter and uses a vegetable skin peeler to peel a small slice of butter and adds it on top of his toast.

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Using the peeler means you can get a thinner slice of butter, which will help the butter actually melt on top of the toast.

Users of the app were torn as to whether they were impressed by the hack, some said he could have just used a knife.

"Why not just put the butter in a butter dish and leave it next to the bread bin." Commented one user.

Another added: "It would take longer for me to find it than it would just to use a butter knife."

Whilst others were impressed by Pierre's hack, one wrote: "Good idea when the butter is too hard!"

"It is so obvious but I was clueless until now!! Mind blown." Replied another user.

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