You Need These Cooling Eye Orbits For Your Next At-Home Spa Day

Between using my phone to scroll through my Twitter feed too many times a day, getting work done on the laptop, or staying up late to watch another eerie true crime documentary that’s probably contributing to my weird dreams, I’m getting more screen time than ever before, and my eyes are not loving it. For your sake, I won’t show you these under-eye creases. But if you can totally relate,here’s a pro tip: get yourself some cooling eye orbits.

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These cooling eye orbits from Etsy bring sweet relief to overused, tired eyes. They’re made of Finnish Carelian soapstone, which is capable of holding on to heat or cold pretty well.

You’ve probably heard of the cold spoon trick before, but if you haven’t, I’ll explain. Putting a cold spoon under your eyes (or any other cold compress really) can help deflate puffiness around the eyes, since the cold can minimize swelling.

These eye orbits work in the same way, except they don’t require you to use an eating utensil to experience the benefits. To use them, you should store them in the fridge for a few hours, and then simply lay them over your eyes when they’re feeling puffy, tired, or have had just enough of allergy season. Kick back and watch these work their magic as you browse for your next watch on Hulu. The fact that you can still see through the holes while using these is truly clutch.

Unlike under eye patches, you don’t have to dispose these after one or two uses, which makes their price a steal. You can get these cooling eye orbits on Etsy for just $23.95.

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