Women desperate for a manicure share their hilarious quarantine nail fails

THERE'S a reason we pay someone to do our nails… and that's because we're absolutely rubbish at doing it ourselves.

And it turns out, we're not alone as we once thought – as the coronavirus crisis means we've all got to go old school if want a (somewhat) decent manicure.

And let's just say, the results are NOT always pretty.

Sharing her dodgy DIY efforts on Twitter, one user revealed just how much she was missing her salon trips.

Posting a picture of her very messy manicure, the beauty fan wrote: "Quarantine [has] me doing my own acrylic nails since all the salons are closed."

Like a girl after our own hearts, the woman's baby pink polish was all round her cuticles while the nails themselves were smudged from where she'd moved too quickly.

Sharing a photo of her strangely pointy red nails, another Twitter user joked: "I spent like 5 hours doing my own acrylics because of quarantine…

"Make fun of them, please."

But they're not alone in having acrylic nail disasters – as a third chimed in with her experience, which sounded like a good idea when she'd had a few drinks.

She wrote: "Quarantine day 4: got extremely drunk and did my own acrylics last night, woke up with the longest nails I’ve ever had."

That said, we also need to spare a thought for those who are struggling with some serious gel manicure regrowth and can't remove it no matter how hard they try… guilty as charged.

Urging others to share their shoddy nails, one user posted a photos of hers and described it as the "inverse French" manicure.

On the plus side, this woman shared her simple tip for making outgrown gel manicures look good as new during self-isolation.

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