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WE love a cheeky tipple on a Friday night, but what does our bar tab say about us? 

Almost three quarters of adult Brits drink booze at least once a week and according to TV psychologist Jo Hemmings, the contents of your glass is the key to your character. 

Pubs may be hiking the price of our beloved pints, but it won't stop us raising a glass.

Whether you favour a glass of fizz or a whiskey dram, a pink rose or a rum punch, Jo tells Fabulous what our favourite drinks tell us about our true selves…


Fizz lovers have a bubbly character, just like this celebratory drink. A firm friend, you’re also a magpie and enjoy treating themselves to designer goodies.  

“These folk use literally any excuse to celebrate. You’re a social butterfly and thrive in big groups,” says Jo. “You appreciate the finer things in life and have a taste for elegance and sophistication. Pleasure is your priority, and it can make you put off ‘boring’ life tasks like laundry, hoovering and paperwork.”

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White wine

A chardonnay or sauvignon blanc sipper is easy going and prefers a spa day to a Sunday stroll. These dry-humoured drinkers are sarcastic and can suffer with a short fuse in tense situations.

“Light-hearted and laid-back, white wine drinkers never feel guilty for having a cheeky glass alone,” says Jo. “You’re probably single and while you enjoy the peace of your own company, when summer hits you’re the first one at the park with a picnic mat.”

Rose wine

Sweet-natured and a little bit ditsy, a rose lover is a hopeless romantic and often has their head in the clouds. 

“Confidence isn’t lacking from your character and you’re as sweet as the drink you enjoy,” says Jo. “You find beauty in the little things and seem younger than your years. Your carefree attitude is contagious and friends flock to you to see the brighter side of life.”

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Red wine

Red wine sippers like Fergie tell people exactly what they thinkCredit: Getty

A sophisticated sort who drinks for pleasure, you’re self assured and not afraid to tell people exactly what you think. 

“You’re deep rooted in tradition and prefer cosy winter afternoons over blistering summer heat,” says Jo. “You’re a warm and affectionate person who craves comfort, but you’re not the most open-minded in an argument. Friends are used to your humble brags about the luxuries you can afford in life.”


Straight up or on the rocks, whiskey drinkers are complex characters and tough nuts to crack.

“People find you intense at first, but there’s a quiet and reflective soul underneath your thick skin,” says Jo. “You’re a pub quiz champion who prefers your own company to a knees up with friends. You give direct (even forceful) advice and don’t accept any funny business.”


No one can tie down a rum drinker, who’s ticked more off their bucket list than anyone they know. You’re outrageous on adventures and try the wildest activities on offer – and you tell everyone about it. 

“Your swashbuckling wanderlust has led you to all corners of the world and you never visit the same place twice,” says Jo. “Strong-minded and independent, you live by your own rules and no one else’s.”

Gin and tonic

Youngsters look up to the G&T drinker who’s classy and cool with a flourishing career. 

“Both traditional and timeless yet edgy and modern, you’re the ‘cool’ member of your friend group who makes life look a breeze,” says Jo. “You’re a mild-mannered person and thanks to your people-pleasing habit, you have a laugh with literally anyone you come across.” 


It doesn’t take much to please a cider lover, but be careful of their sharp bite. Their skin may be thin but they’re not afraid to defend themselves.

“You’re most at home in the great outdoors and prefer traditional habits over the latest trends,” says Jo. “You’re an authentic person who’s passionate about the planet and your back garden is brimming with homegrown spuds, carrots and beans.”

Craft beer

Pub regulars with a pocket full of change, craft beer drinkers know what they like and no one can change their mind. 

“Whether you rock a bushy beard or were a hippy in your heyday, there’s no tearing you away from a classic British boozer,” says Jo. “You’re one of the locals who spends hours pouring over your passions with like-minded friends. You won’t be caught dead in a modern bar and give pretentious people a very wide berth.” 


There's no hiding the true colours of a Guinness lover, who always wears their heart on their sleeve. 

“Your distinctive character is literally unforgettable and people love listening to your library of interesting tales,” says Jo. “You’re a deep thinker who might seem shy, but you’re a loyal, stable person who friends rely upon for your honesty (and a booked taxi at the end of a night out).


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Don't bother trying to change the mind of a lager drinker. They’re stubborn and stick with what they know, but they’ll never sweat the small stuff. 

“Life is for living and it takes a lot to make you worry,” says Jo. “You’re loyal to family, friends and your own identity. Whether you’re dining in style or in front of the telly with a take away, what you see is what you get. You’re a chip off the old block who’ll never change, and that’s why everyone loves you.” 

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