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IT'S been a long day of adult duties and drying your hair after taking a shower is the last thing on your mind.

You hop into bed with your locks soaking wet and slowly drift away, not thinking much of it.

But according to a group of experts, there's nothing worse you could do to your locks, as this common habit will completely destroy the hair strands over time.

To find out more about the most damaging routines, one beauty enthusiast took to a salon where she interviewed a couple of professionals in the field.

The answers were shared on TikTok – so how many of these do you do on a daily basis?

As well as going to bed with drenched hair right after shower – this can cause breakage -the gurus recommended to go light when it comes to brushing your locks.

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When it comes to drying your hair, the experts also advised to use a microfiber towel.

This latest hit in the world of hair and beauty has become all the rage recently, as the thin fabric is more gentle to hair follicle and also promises to speed up the drying process.

Sharing the list of the most common errors, the women urged people to wash out the conditioner properly – this mistake is believed to be responsible for stopping natural oil production, which often results in split ends, as well as hair breakage.

Others also added overbleaching, skipping heat protectant when styling their locks, using henna to give it a boost of colour, as well as relying on box dyes too much and using elastics 24/7.

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For those who are still convinced heat protectant is just a gimmick, one woman recently demonstrated just how important it is by using…bread.

With the festive season approaching, here, at Fabulous, we're already planning our sparkly and glamorous outfits and the hairstyles we'll be rocking.

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Whether it's a head full of curls, a chic blow-dry or straightened hair, not only we will be roasting potatoes and chicken but also our luscious hair.

While doing so every once in a while doesn't cause too much damage, it's important you also use some form of heat protection.

If you're anything like us and sometimes skip this essential step – you might be too lazy or think heat protectant is a marketing gimmick – a woman's revealed just how crucial it is.

Brittani Lang, an entrepreneur, demonstrated the shocking difference of using heat protectant with…a slice of toast.

In the video, she covered one half of the white piece of bread with heat protectant while leaving the other half untouched – just like we sometimes do with our hair.

Once the time was up and the toaster was ready to pop, the end results spoke for themselves – and they will definitely make you reconsider your hairstyling routine!

The side which had the secret potion spread all over came out looking untouched – there were no marks of burns; it had stayed just as white as it had going in.

The one with no protectant, on the other hand…

Burnt and crunchy, there was no saving that half!

As well as demonstrating, she explained why you should always use heat protectant when styling – ''always'' being the keyword.

By creating a barrier between your piping hot styling tool and your hair, Britanni said, it reduces heat damage and slows down how your locks heat up.

Need more convincing?

A heat protectant seals in moisture and fights frizz, combats breakage and dullness, while also smoothing the hair cuticle.

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This, she explained, is what makes your hair look and feel soft.

''Stop spending hundreds of dollars at the salon and then ruining it with heat damage!''

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