This simple nail hack will help hide your grown-out gel manicure

Lockdown has presented a number of unexpected challenges and one of them (albeit a slightly less important one, in the grand scheme of things) is what to do with a gel manicure now salons are closed.

Perhaps you treated yourself to a fresh set of claws a few weeks ago – before the world went into quarantine – and now you’re left with a grown-out manicure that’s on its last legs.

But before you consider yanking off your shellac or falsies – which will undoubtedly do a lot of damage to your fingernails – it seems there’s another solution.

One influencer has come up with a genius hack for outgrown talons and it doesn’t cause any damage to the nail itself.

Olivia Smalley shared her newly-discovered trick on IGTV – which involves applying a coat of glitter polish to the base of your outgrown manicure, for a DIY ombre look. It can be reapplied again and again as the nail grows out – so it’s a great way to keep a manicure looking nice until salons reopen.

Glitter is a brilliant alternative to paint because, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you’ll have the exact shade lying around the house. 

Olivia points out on her Instagram that the hack is also a great way to spend time, while the nation is in lockdown. 

In an Instagram post, she says: ‘Glitter at my regrowth! I’m home currently and want to kill some time while feeling good. Don’t you just love this hack?!’

Her clever trick was met with praise from her followers, with many commenting on how the thrifty hack was much-needed at this moment in time.

One follower commented: ‘Trying this next week when I hit my growout extreme.’

While another added: ‘Thanks for giving me something to do today!’

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