The Ultra-Flattering Pants Oprah and Fashion Editors Love Are the Cheapest They've Been All Year

The last month of 2021 has been weird, to say the least, but Spanx just did us all a solid and unveiled a massive surprise sale that no one — not even us! — knew was coming until about an hour ago. 2021 is kinda, sorta ending on a high note, after all.

That surprise sale, which goes until 11:59 pm EST today, has 50 percent off some of the brand's best-selling pieces. And yes, that means the price tag on these coveted staples is lower than ever — even lower than during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

There are exactly nine items in Spanx's secret 50 percent off flash sale (that's not so secret anymore), like its ultra-flattering leggings that give your booty a nice boost and have celeb fans that include Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon and its leather-like pants that look like real leather but are 10-times more comfortable. The one item we couldn't help but notice immediately, though, was the most festive version of the brand's buzzy Perfect Black Pants. Yes, those pants are 50 percent off right now.

Shop now: $74 (Originally $148);

The PBP made headlines when they landed on Oprah's Favorite Things list back in 2019, and they continue to make headlines because they're that good.  InStyle editors, Oprah, and so many shoppers love them — and right now, they can be yours for a reasonable $74 (down from $148) when you use the code FLASH at checkout. 

Part of the appeal of these pants is that they look like elegant trousers but are as comfy as your go-to sweats. They're made from a buttery-soft, move-with-you ponte fabric that looks so elevated and feels so good on. They also have a bit of shaping support at the stomach and a high-waisted cut for a flattering shape (no muffin tops!) Plus, the sequin side stripe on the on-sale PBP feels very in-line with upcoming festivities. 

The Perfect Black Pants are so good, Oprah personally called Spanx's founder to thank her for creating them, so if you haven't yet experienced their magic, now's your best chance to do so. Trust us when we say they won't go down to this price for a long time. 

Shop some other Spanx best-sellers for 50 percent off below.

Shop now: $74 (Originally $148);

Shop now: $34 (Originally $68);

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