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THE INTERNET is filled with mind-baffling puzzles and riddles that reveal your hidden personality traits.

And one Kokology puzzle will reveal exactly what you value most in life and what kind of friend you are.

TikToker, Felicia For The Win, poses a Lokology question that went viral with over seven million views.

Kokology is the Japanese study of the mind, which aims to analyse your deep psyche by asking hypothetical or psychological questions to reveal your hidden attitudes and values.

In this question, Felicia reveals you are on a journey home and have to go through a rainforest.

In the scenario, you have four pets with you, and the one you end up keeping until the end says a lot about what you value in life.


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She added: "You have a cow, a horse, a lion, and a monkey.

"You're looking a the map and your food supply and you already know not all four of them are going to make it out with you."

So which animal do you decide to leave behind – the cow, horse, lion, or monkey?

Now, you and the remaining three pets continue to walk in the rainforest for a couple of days when you realise the food supply is running low but come across a man who will swap his entire food supply for one of your pets.

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Again, you're asked to think about which of the remaining three pets you have left will you get rid of.

Now down to two pets, you continue your walk but your pets start to fight and you can only save one – so which one are you saving?

The animal you pick to walk out of the rainforest with you reveals what you value most in life.

If you picked the cow, you are someone who really values money and you're either incredibly frugal or out working all the time.

But if you left the rainforest with the horse then you prioritise loyalty and hard work over anything else in life and will always have your friends' back.

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And if the lion walked by your side then you're the kind of person who will protect their friends and loved ones.

Finally, if you left with the monkey then you place high regard on true friendship.

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