Plastic surgery secrets rich people don't want you to know – they have tricks to make it seem like they had nothing done | The Sun

A LIFESTYLE content creator has revealed the tricks rich people do for natural-looking plastic surgery.

She explained that she had seen the wealthy people in her community pull off the moves to pass off their surgeries.

Cora (@corabreilein) shared the video with over 25,000 TikTok followers.

"As someone who grew up in super-wealthy communities but is not wealthy myself, I know all the plastic surgery secrets that rich people don't want you to know about," she said.

"If someone suddenly looks different but you can't put your finger on it, they've had work done," she said.

"There are subtle tricks rich people and celebrities do to get away with the illusion that they had nothing done."

First, Cora explained that many change their hair color when they do something drastic: "This is literally called the Shiny Object Technique," she said.

"It's a technique where you distract someone with something in front of them so they don't notice what's behind them."

Next, she explained that some hotels have partnerships with plastic surgery centers so clients can have recovery time from their procedures.

"They do slow micro tweaks over time so you don't notice it," she explained.

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Another trick Cora claimed wealthier people do is get their procedures done during periods of rest.

"They get procedures around when you're not paying attention," she said.

"I can promise you right now that plastic surgeons are extremely busy right now during the strikes.

"People will come out of the strike looking extremely refreshed and amazing and it's not just Ozempic, it's a facelift," she said.

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