My mum’s mother-in-law AND sister-in-law wore white to her wedding – it was out of spite as well

MANY people know that the first rule of dressing for a wedding as a guest is to not wear white.

So one woman was left horrified when her mum’s mother-in-law AND sister-in-law wore bridal-style dresses for her special day. 

In the photo, the bridal and groom can be seen posing with his family, with the two female family members wearing white.

The picture was uploaded to Reddit and the person who shared the snap gave some background details.

They wrote: “Some context. 

“My mother already had me when she met my stepfather (I was 3). 

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“His mother never forgave my mom for that and was awful to her. 

“Anyways I love my mom's wedding photos despite how awful my stepfather and his family were to my mom, but everytime I see the photos of his sister and mother wearing all white it makes me so angry. 

“This wedding took place in June of 1994.”

Many people were outraged on her behalf.

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One said: “That’s rude of them and all anyone will see in this photo is how dumb they look wearing white.”

Another added: “I don’t understand why people do this. I don’t even like wearing white! My sons’ future brides have nothing to worry about from me lmao.”

A third commented: “Your mothers dress is beautiful tho.”

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