Mum shares clever hack to make stick-figure come to life – and all you need is a whiteboard pen and water

WE'RE less than one week into the UK's coronavirus lockdown – and we're already running out of ways to entertain our kids.

Well the next time you fancy turning on the television to get a little bit of peace and quiet, why not try this mum's incredible stick figure hack instead?

Posting a tutorial clip on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, mum Kerry Young demonstrated how you can bring a stick figure "to life".

To start, Kerry draws a simple stick figure on a plate using a whiteboard pen.

She then slowly pours water onto the plate which causes the stickman to lift off the surface and float around the water as if he's jumping (or flying) – as Kerry's kids rightly pointed out.

The mum captioned the video: "Drawing with a drywipe (whiteboard) marker on a plate and add water… Kids love it."

She later explained how she had two failed attempts at the trick before she boiled the kettle and waited for the water to cool before trying again.

But how exactly does it work? Well unlike permanent marker, whiteboard pens have an oily silicone polymer which makes them easy to remove – but also means it sticks together instead of bleeding into the water.

Kerry's post has since been watched by over 625,000 people and racked up hundreds of comments from impressed users.

One replied: "We've done this at school, it works well if you line a tray with foil and draw on foil."

Another gushed: "I really love this, I’m doing it!"

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