Mum-of-10 goes viral as she shares what feeding her kids looks like – and she needs a whole loaf for lunch

JUGGLING 12 different meals three times daily, one mum has been commended on how she tweaks each meal to her children's preferences.

 From knowing exactly who wants sauce on the side of their pasta dinner, to who wants mustard on their sandwich, the mum-of-10 is being hailed a rockstar for remembering it all.

 Taking to her TikTok channel, where she posts under the domain
@doughertydozen the mum demonstrates her remarkable speed and memory when dishing out dinner to her 10 kids.

She captions the post "Do you like sauce on your spaghetti" as she tweaks each of the spaghetti and meatball dinners, leaving some sauce free, adding fewer meatballs to some, and putting extra cheese on others.

The video has gained 2.3million views, and over 1k comments with many praising the busy mum.

"That reminded me of the participants of Masterchef having to plate all dishes for a crowd of people in a specific amount of time" one person commented.

Another said: "I love that you know who gets how many meatballs and who doesn't like sauce. Thats' so impressive."

A third commented, "I have four and it's hard, I can't imagine 10."

Far from her only meal-prep video, the mum shows how she creates lunches in another post.

In the video, she captioned "Making sandwiches for my 10 kids" the mum again demonstrates her ability to create meals so quickly making each one unique.

She swiftly creates 10 sandwiches, some with may, some with jelly, adding mustard to one, cheese to two, ham to two and bacon to three.

The mum then packed each sandwich individually and wipes down the counter.

The video has been viewed 223k times, with people praising the mum again for her skills in the comments.

"Can always spot Bree's sandwich! Love that you cut hers in a special way, love your content" commented one TikTik user.

"You are superwoman" commented another.

Demonstrating how much food it takes to feed her kids, she posted another video of how she makes a trough of mac & cheese for tea.

For her large brood, the woman uses one bell pepper, one onion, two cans of kidney beans, two cans of pinto beans, four cans of crushed tomatoes, over 200g of pasta and lots of seasonings.

The woman uses the biggest container to cook saying: "How I feed my family of 12."

She also combines the male with an entire loaf of bread and a large bowl of salad.

The post has over 175k views and TikToks viewers have again admired the woman's resilience.

"I absolutely love your videos, you have such a beautiful family. You go, momma!" one person commented.

"It all looks so great good job," said another.

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