I’m a mum and my ‘lazy b**ch’ dinner is so easy to make, ready in three minutes and is restaurant quality too | The Sun

A MUM-of-three shared the quick and simple 'lazy bitch dinner' she whips up when she can't be bothered to cook but doesn't want to fork out for a takeaway.

Sarita Holland gets her makeshift dinner done and dusted in under three minutes and it looks totally delicious.

Making use of cheap and cheerful packet soups, Sarita rustled up the healthy grub to make them taste even better.

"If you have not tried these packet soups you are missing out, honestly they are restaurant quality," the mum said.

She used a Trident Thai noodle packet soup in the chicken flavour, but any brand will do the trick if you want to try the meal hack for yourself.

To make the 'lazy b**ch dinner' Sarita started by following the instructions on the soup packet, and boiling it on the hob.


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"While that's boiling I go into the fridge and I see anything that needs to be used up," she explained.

She added some beansprouts, spring onions, cabbage, frozen prawns and a tin of bamboo shoots she found lurking in her kitchen cupboard.

After boiling the prawns in the soup mix, Sarita added in the vegetables from her fridge she needed to use up.

She then let everything cook together for a minute and poured it all into a bowl and added a few chillies top for extra spice.

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"Every friend I've got onto these noodles and this pimped packet noodle dish thanks me, it's so good," she said.

The simple meal hack was ready to eat in less than three minutes and was a healthier alternative to ordering a pizza.

"It's something that I have once a week when I need a yummy, wholesome, hot soup," the mum said.

Other foodies loved the idea and couldn't wait to try it for themselves at home.

One commented on the TikTok video: "Adding shredded chicken instead of prawns and an egg would be awesome too."

"I have these all the time and have never thought to add anything to them.

"this looks amazing though. Going to try," a second wrote.

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