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A FASHION pro has shared the three style mistakes people commonly make that result in their outfit looking cheap.

Julia, who shares lots of “fashion inspo” on her social media accounts, advised fellow fashion lovers to take note of their errors and, in turn, “elevate your style.” 

She explained: “Stop making these three style mistakes when picking if you want to elevate your wardrobe.” 

The influencer then unveiled her top tips, starting out with why you should never wear the belt that dresses, jeans and so on come with.

Julia continued: “If you are buying an item of clothing that has an attached belt, do not wear this belt, wear your own.

“The belts that come with an item of clothing are usually very cheaply made.

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“Most of the time these retailers wouldn’t even sell these belts on their own because they’re just so poorly made.

“So if you do like an item of clothing that comes with a belt, just swap it out and wear one of your own that’s higher quality.”

Julia, who can be found on TikTok at @beingjulia, then went on to lift the lid on the second style mistake.

She said: “While on the topic of belts, look out for belt loops that really stick out.

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“Belt loops that are really sticking out, again, just show really poor construction of the garment. 

“So try and look for belt loops that lay flat.”

Finally, Julia told her 622k followers that there’s another thing to look out for when you’re looking to buy something new for your wardrobe – the large, round zip.

She revealed: “Whenever you’re shopping and you pick up a sweater with a zipper that looks like this, I just put it back down.

“I just feel like with this zipper, though it might be convenient, it just makes the garment look cheap.

If you are buying an item of clothing that has an attached belt, do not wear this belt

“So I personally would never buy a sweater if it had this zipper.”

Julia then concluded: “So remember that sometimes it’s the small details that make all the difference.”

And fellow style fans were thankful for her guidance, as they said they had taken it fully on board.

One TikTok user wrote: “Watching this while wearing my sweater with a circle zipper – questioning everything.” 

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While another added: “Can you please make more of these videos? So, so helpful!”

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