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ALL of a sudden street corners, carparks and any old alleyway have become crammed with Christmas trees overnight. 

Once you've decided to go full Yule,  the next step is choosing anything from a neat little number tucked away in the corner to a monster eight-foot evergreen.

But it's once you’ve got it through the doorway, and triumphantly sat the star on top – the real craftiness of Christmas begins. 

Those trees aren’t cheap – and you need to make sure they last at least a month.

So how do you prevent your pride and joy from shedding every needle before you’re tucking into your turkey?

And how do you keep it looking like one you want to rock around on New Years Eve rather than hide away from the neighbours?. 


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RHS Chief Horticulturalist Guy Barter has some top tips for those who chose to keep it real this year. 

“First of all, if you can, choose a locally grown tree which has been freshly cut," he said. 

“Then you know it hasn’t been sitting around for ages and is less likely to age so quickly.

“And if you only need a small one, consider a potted tree – as these can last for several years. 

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“Don’t buy too early – you can reasonably expect your tree to last at least four weeks but if you have no other option – keep it in a bucket of water in the garden if you don’t need it immediately.”

He advises that as soon as you get home – saw off the bottom 25mm and stand it in a bucket of water. 

And once you’ve got it in the stand – it's very important to top up the water level daily.

“They can slurp up water very quickly,” he added.

“Don’t put the tree near a radiator or fire, and if possible turn off any underfloor heating near the tree.

Otherwise it's going to start to droop, and the needles will fall.

To keep things environmentally friendly, Guy recommends disposing of it via a site that collects and chops trees rather than adding to landfill or burning it on a bonfire.

Your local council should either run a scheme or be able to advise you who to use. 

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And put container grown potted Christmas trees outdoors as soon as possible – they can be repotted or planted in the ground for next year.

Follow Guy's tips and it should begin to look like a Fabulous Christmas very soon.

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