I work at McDonald's drive-thru and there's a major mistake you're making when ordering

WHO doesn’t love a good McDonald’s?

There’s nothing better than grabbing a McDonald's drive-thru when you're feeling really peckish.

But, if you’re a regular at your local drive-thru, you might want to think twice before you visit next time.

A McDonald's worker has taken to TikTok to reveal what goes on during drive-thru orders and it’s left people stunned. 

The TikToker, Deja Zimm, who goes by the username @get0utm3swamp, revealed that workers can hear your every word – even when you think they're not listening. 

Deja warned fast-food lovers to be careful when it comes to their in-car conversations.

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She said: “Just an fyi, as a McDonald’s worker, I can still hear you after your order. I only stop hearing you once you pull away from the speaker.

“So keep your music and sh*t talking lower.” 

Deja claims to 'have heard a lot of stuff I don’t think I should have' and revealed that: “this isn’t just McDonald’s, this is any place with a drive thru, and Starbucks can see you on camera and McDonald’s takes a one time pic of your car.

“Sometimes it’s funny, I’ve heard moms and dads be like “if you don’t tell me what you want rn I stg, we are making this lady wait for your dumb***s.”

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But it’s not just parents shouting at their kids that Deja has heard.

Deja explained that she’s even heard customers talking badly about her.

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She continued: “Yes I love tea but not when they say mean stuff about me.

“I listen because I’m nosey. I just get my feelings hurt when they talk about me even tho I was just doing my job.” 

She also said that she can hear customers speaking before even taking their order, adding that it's 'extremely annoying when they pull up and one second later they say 'helloooo?' Like I was getting there'.

A number of McDonald’s fans have been left a little startled by this admission, taking to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “I’m sorry you’ve heard me get upset at my dad for forgetting my sauces.” 

Another added: “Oops.” 

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A third commented: “I’m sorry this means you all can hear all the dads yelling at their kids for their order.” 

Another user revealed: “Omg I talk so much.”

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