I was 'gifted' with DD-cup boobs – I have the 'perfect shape' but bikinis look illegal and there are other downsides | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared that while she was "gifted" with a DD-cup chest, it comes with a host of problems.

In a social media video, she revealed some of the downsides of the size of her boobs to viewers.

"I'm that gifted girl with DD cup," Dina (@the.small.secret) wrote in her TikTok video.

She then listed all the implications of her breast size, both good and bad.

A perfect shape and silhouette and confidence were among some of the perks.

Though bikinis looking "illegal" made the list.

Looking "sl*tty" in the most modern clothes was also a point of concern.

Stretch marks and her back hurting also made the lineup.

Pain while she exercised as well as finding it hard to find the perfect bra are additional things that Dina noted as an issue.

"If you ever wonder how is it having DD cup," she wrote in her caption, sharing her experience.

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Viewers left their thoughts in the comments section of the video.

Someone shared that they were quite the fan of stretch marks.

"My opinion, I like the stretch marks even more when you can see the veins," they wrote.

Someone else pointed out a reason they figured the woman's chest size wasn't all that bad.

"But you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world….because……ATTENTION……" they stressed.

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