I make a fortune flogging racy snaps and love it – then I realised my DAD follows my account | The Sun

A GROWING number of people have joined adult sites to post racy snaps online as a way of making money.

But for one woman, who will remain anonymous, her dream of heaps of cash soon turned into a nightmare after she discovered her dad was requesting nudes.

''So this one guy was sending me $1,000 every single week. In exchange, I would send him private photos.''

Up until that point, everything seemed totally fine. But then one day, it all changed – and the online content creator was starting to feel a little suspicious.

''He would ask me things like 'What's your favourite movie? What's your favourite desert?'

''Because it's OnlyFans, I never really answered honestly.

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''But then one day, he told me 'You love The Little Mermaid, don't you?'''

This little detail shocked the woman – after all, it was her favourite movie which she'd watch at least three times a week as a kid.

At first, she figured it was a cousin behind the sick joke and she immediately blocked the mystery man.

But the following day, she woke up to another message – one that said: ''I remember how you used to love hot dogs.''

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''That's when I really s**t myself because my dad and I would make hot dogs every single Friday. It was our thing together.

''That's when he said 'I have a confession'.''

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Before she even got the chance to reply, he admitted he was her father.

Recalling the encounter, the woman said: ''I felt so disgusted. I blocked him and then blocked him from my cell phone too.''

Despite having been blocked from everywhere, the dad still managed to find a way to send a long text message explaining why he had subscribed to her account – he was simply trying to get to know her.

Once again, she immediately blocked him. But just 20 minutes later, there was a knock on her door – and it was no other than her father.

Terrified and shocked, she dialled police, who arrived within a minute and started questioning the man, who kept reassuring he had been invited.

She said: ''I told the cop about OnlyFans. My dad was so ashamed, he actually denied it.

''But of course, I had all the receipts. Showed the cop my phone and the cop told him that he needed to leave me alone.

''He let my house and I didn't have the heart to tell my mum.''

Later that evening, the woman saw another person sign up to the account – and again, it was her dad, who was now offering a whopping $3,000 (£2,600).

''He confessed that he couldn't help but love me as a woman because I didn't grow up with him.

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''Wanted to get a restraining order but the judge says it's not that easy.

''Now I'm considering closing my OnlyFans. I don't think it's fair though.''

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