I had my boyfriend's name 'tattooed' on my forehead – Dale loved it but the internet was savage | The Sun

A WOMAN who paid £70 to get her boyfriend's name tattooed on her forehead has opened up about her rash decision.

Georgia Bridges, 24, says she got inked to show her 29-year-old partner Dale she saw their relationship like a tattoo – a long-term commitment.

But the Doncaster woman has been slammed online – and quizzed on why she would do something so permanent.

She said: "I got the tattoo because go big or go home."

Georgia shared the video to TikTok with the caption: "Come and get my boyfriend's name tattooed.

"Our love is forever so why shouldn't my tattoo be."

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In the clip, a tattoo artist can be seen placing the purple-ink stencil on Georgia's forehead – with the name Dale covering much of it.

She then looks in the mirror with her hands over her mouth, and turns to the camera with a massive grin.

A tattoo artist then appears to ink her forehead with the gun, dabbing the skin with a tissue – with Georgia even flinching at the supposed pain.

But the end result – while it may be convincing to some – is fake.

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Georgia later explained it was a temporary tattoo.

The 24-year-old said: "When Dale saw it, he loved it.

"The tattoo cost me £70, and I did not expect the video to go so viral."

But people were quick to comment on the clip.

One wrote "please say psych", while another said: "Is this for real?"

A woman wrote: "Girl that will be with you for the rest of your life."

One TikTok user then commented: "My guess is the tattoo lasts longer."

Others asked if Dale had got Georgia's name, too.

Another then said: "It just dawned on me. If they break up they can just only date people with that name."

But many on TikTok were also skeptical.

One person wrote: "Right OK I've got one question, where is the redness from the tattoo."

Another said: "No redness, no blood = no tattoo."

It comes after another woman claimed she got her boyfriend's name inked in the same spot.

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Ana Stanskovsky who already has plenty of tats on her body, documented the tattoo process via social media.

"Getting my boyfriend's name tattooed on my face," she captioned the first video, which obtained more than 11 million views in one day.

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