Everyone thinks I got extensions after I transformed my damaged hair in a year, the truth is much cheaper | The Sun

A SELF-CONFESSED hair obsessive has transformed her damaged and bleached locks in just a year.

So great was the change that people could hardly believe it and accused her of having hair extensions.

But the truth was a whole lot cheaper, and less work than hair additions.

Danielle Athena's (@danielleathena) video has gone viral, attracting 307,000 likes and nearly a thousand comments.

Her hair was in a very sorry state when she decided to take action.

It was long, dry, frizzy, and in very bad condition.

“How I repaired my damaged bleached hair," she wrote.

The before and after contrast was incredible, prompting one fan to comment: "You have the prettiest head of hair I’ve ever seen.”

In her post, Danielle described her follicle folly and how she salvaged it.

“Here is how I got my hair to grow from this," she said, indicating a photo where her hair was in a very bad state, "to this in one year."

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Her method was a simple one: “Scalp and hair oiling twice a week when I wash my hair," she explained.

“I start off my massaging my scalp for three to five minutes, then I apply my Rosemary oil and castor oil mixture to my scalp."

This was only the halfway point, there was more work to be done.

“Then I apply jojoba oil and argan oil to my mids and my ends."

It was a mighty effort: “I keep these oils in for about two hours before I wash my hair and then I also put 100% Rosemary oil in my shampoo when I wash my hair."

But the hard work was worth it. Her hair looked so good that some buddies couldn't believe it.

“I have friends who think I got hair extensions from the transformation that oil has done for my hair.

“My hair has never looked and felt this healthy.”

Among the comments was one from Kératase and they were impressed: “Omg, major hair yasssifciation.”

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This person vouched for Danielle's tip but bemoaned something else: “My hair got so much healthier doing the same thing. But I don’t have any volume at all.”

And there was gratitude from this person: “First useful video I’ve seen. Everyone else is selling their products. Thank you so much.”

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