Bikini model shows the basic household items you can use as makeshift weights during coronavirus lockdown

WORKING out at home during the lockdown doesn't have to mean ditching the weights.

A bikini model has revealed how to use everyday household items to add resistance to your workout – trying everything from a fake pot plant to bottles of bleach to tone up while the gyms are closed.

Fitness star Rachel Dillon, who's behind the Bodies by Rachel fitness transformations, told “Basically, if something provides sufficient resistance, is not fragile or dangerous to handle, and is easy to hold or lift – it can be used.

“For some movements, you may be used to using a bench – and any steady household surface can replace it.”

In a new IGTV video, posted this week, Rachel does a "no gym, no problem challenge" with her sister Emma Jane.

In the clip, shared with her 884,000 Instagram followers, the sisters use everything from the sofa to a coffee table as a makeshift bench.

Rachel advised: “Make sure to test them before going full throttle. A simple towel is also a great prop for moves such as hamstring curls, core rollouts, and stretching."

In order to get the most out of your workout, Rachel advises reducing your rest time and doing more reps and sets than usual.

Jump squats, alternating jump lunges and burpees are also great for getting your heart rate up.

She added: “Do what you can, have fun challenging yourself to new ways of training and remember that any movement beats no movement.”

Rachel even puts her sister on her shoulders for an added challenge at the end.

While we wouldn't recommend human squats for any weight lifting novices, we think you'd be surprised how much you can feel the burn with some of their other items.

If you're not one for experimenting, check out Davina's McCall's guide to working out with no equipment.

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