Beauty blogger reveals genius tip for cleaning your make-up brushes in SECONDS – using a metal sieve

A BEAUTY blogger has revealed her genius hack for cleaning make-up brushes in seconds, using a metal sieve.

With the long lockdown weekend ahead of us, it's the perfect time to start organising your bedroom, and YouTuber Jamie Genevieve's tip is incredibly simple.

Uploading a video called Clean with Me, Jamie explained she cleans her brushes using the stainless steel kitchen appliance.

The Scottish influencer filled her sink with a mixture of water and Dr Bronner's rose castile liquid soap – which she says won't damage your tools – then set to work cleaning.

Jamie simply dips the brush in the water before putting it in the sieve, where she spins it around to remove stuck-on eyeshadow or bronzer.

She said: "This brush has really strong purple pigment on it. I'm going to dip it in the water and use the sieve, and look at that. It's clean. Can you believe how quick it is? So that's my hack.

"I'm pretty sure these (sieves) cost absolutely no money at all and it's exactly the same thing I would use for baking. It's really satisfying."

  • Dr Bronner's 946ml Organic Rose Castile Liquid Soap, £19.49, Amazon – buy here

Jamie, who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, then showed off her sparkling white make-up brushes to camera.

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